‘It’s the Small Things’

This is a dream come true for Lucille and for many other longtime volunteers with the CMMM. The museum display cases located in the CK Library will provide a year-round public space in which we can showcase items from the many collections that spend most of their time in storage. All exhibits will be switched out as time permits. Stop in regularly to see what’s up next.

It’s the Small Things‘ consists of 11 artifacts taken out of storage and includes the following:

  • Handcrafted Box gifted at Christmas 1905 in Traverse City, Michigan (Donor: James Wettlaufer).
  • Nine items including a 1939 Royal Visit Commemorative Pin and Silver Spoon, a Pocket Watch, Tie Clip, and Hair Pin (Donor: Hazel Robertson).
  • Feather Hair Piece worn in the 1920s (Donor: Woodward Family).

To view the exhibit, and others on display, visit the Cut Knife Municipal Library at 113 Broad Street. Click here for Library hours.

It’s the Small Things exhibit located towards the rear of the Library in this display case on your left. (Items not shown in this photo.)

~ Debbie M.

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