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New Trustees

The March 26 AGM was pretty exciting. We elected 3 new Trustees!!

The 2023 / 2024 Board is as follows:

  • Colton Stapley, Chair
  • Chris Scoular, Vice-Chair
  • Randy Strelioff, Treasurer
  • Debbie MacLeod, Secretary
  • Paul Hezelwood, Trustee
  • MJ Kammerer, Trustee
  • Justin McCallum, Trustee
  • John Rutley, Permanent Trustee
  • Mel Sawatzky, Permanent Trustee
  • Garrett Drake, R.M. of Cut Knife Representative
  • Lisa Drake, Town of Cut Knife Representative

The move from Railway Avenue to the MAAC-2 on Broad Street is in progress. The Board table had been relocated and was back in one-piece for the first meeting. Notice the new display case* in the second photo? It is just waiting to be filled with an exhibit!

The Board Table is in position in the Cut Knife Library with a new Museum display case* on the wall.
Another new Museum display case* in the Library with the Board Table in behind.

* These display cases were purchased from the Opal Margot bequest.

~ Debbie M.

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