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Ovenstown Captured

A beautiful capture of Ovenstown in the spring of 2020, especially poignant since it was demolished that fall. Aleksi Anseth grew up in Cut Knife and continues to live in the area. Take a look at her Facebook page (link below) for more wonderful examples of her talent.

This building has served many uses throughout its life, functioning as a church, one-room school, and eventually, a museum. I’ve spent a couple of my summers working at the museum, and got pretty cozy with Ovenstown specifically, as it was the museum office when I worked (that honour now belongs to the Duvall House!), so I’ve spent many hours in and around the building. Even with those hours logged with it, I still find the front of the building really visually striking. It has a presence that commands attention. Speaking purely on exterior design, Ovenstown is probably my favourite building at the museum! Acrylic on 11X14″ Canvas board

Aleksi Ann | Facebook May 7, 2020
By Aleksi Anseth


Partnering with Community

We never received a “how-to-guide” for collaborating with community members here at the MAH, but over time, we have acquired some basic tools that have shaped our approach. We realize collaboration differs greatly for each individual and organization. We offer these tools in the spirit of sharing and look forward to learning about the techniques you use in your own community.

Stacey Marie Garcia and Emily Hope Dobkin, Museum 2.0

Guest Post: Radical Collaboration – Tools for Partnering with Community Members

~ Lucille B.


A Little Reminder

I had an appointment and shopped in North Battleford yesterday for supplies for upcoming Centennial.

We try to shop in Cut Knife as much as possible but some things just aren’t available here.

One of the items needed was a new Saskatchewan flag. No flag was found in NB. And I asked in quite a few places. Canadian Tire has Canada and Quebec flags in their system. I know because I have their smart phone app and checked on it. There are Roughrider flags galore. One sales person told me that it WAS the Sask flag. 😦

Today I went into T&T Hardware in Cut Knife and there was the Sask flag I searched for 30 miles away.

Makes one think that Sask promotion and patriotism might be a little too focused on sporting events?

~ Lucille B.


International Museum Day


Our museum is gearing up for the season with lots of behind-the-scene things going on. Staff hiring and training and grounds and building cleanups take a lot of time to organize and carry out.

A big bouquet of thanks to all the people around the world who care about their heritage and  who work to preserve it for the future.

Yay Museums and Archives!!

~ Lucille B.