Join the CMMM’s Community of Volunteers 

The Clayton McLain Memorial Museum is powered by volunteers. We wouldn’t be here today without having received the ongoing support of the community for the past 50 years. Support that includes everything from sitting on the Board to mopping floors and watering the flowers, from monetary donations to lemon meringue pies for Hi, It’s Pie Days, and from painting, shingling, and moving houses to cataloguing artifacts. We hire seasonal staff to operate the  museum for the summer months, but the vast majority of tasks and chores fall to the community of volunteers who keep us going.

I’d like to help out with the museum but I don’t know much about local history. We’re not historians, we’re guardians. You can learn about history but you can’t learn to be interested. We have all sorts of things you can help out with — as much or as little as you’d like. Give us a call and find out more. 

CMMM’s Lifetime Trustee Mel Sawatzky received the Rivers West District 2021 Volunteer Recognition Award for Over-All Volunteer of the Year!


Volunteers help with our infinite To-Do List of small jobs like carpentry projects, sewing jobs, exhibit construction, park and building cleaning and maintenance. Commit to the Museum in an area that interests you and volunteer whatever amount of time you’re able to give. Do you enjoy computer work? Let us give you the skills to catalogue artifacts. Would you enjoy assisting researchers in the Archives? We can train you for that, too! 

Although the Museum buildings are closed during the winter, it’s our catch-up time and there’s always something to work on. For more information, or to volunteer your time and skills, contact us.

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The Clayton McLain Memorial Museum’s Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Museum. Board members work towards the betterment of the CMMM and its Archives by showing: 

  • a commitment to the development of the museum as a strong community resource, and
  • a willingness to devote time and effort to the duties of board membership. 


  • are positive, progressive individuals; 
  • are active in policy decision-making and museum planning; 
  • work to promote the museum and the community; 
  • meet once a month, usually the fourth Monday of the month, and 
  • are elected for a two year term. 

For more information on becoming a Board Member, chat with one of our current Trustees or contact the museum. Our Annual General Meeting is  held in the spring.