In The Community

The Clayton McLain Memorial Museum Incorporated was founded in 1971 and celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2021. The CMMM is a non-profit organization operating under the governance of the Board of Trustees. The museum has been an important partner in community activities and events through the years.


The majority of Cut Knife students have visited the museum on field trips on at least one occasion. Teaching staff have access to grade appropriate classroom resources and, as we continue to digitally catalogue the artifacts, online access to curriculum-related items will be offered. Plans are underway for a small exhibit space in the Cut Knife Community School Library. CKCS was also an active partner in establishing the Community Garden.


Many Heritage Day and Canada Day celebrations have been held on the grounds, the Railway Station platform serving as a stage, and fireworks lighting up the night sky. There have been carnival days and summer camps, fun days, car rallies, and pie days. The museum has also hosted both authors and speakers, including historian Bill Waiser who, in 2010, spoke at a local event marking the 125th Anniversary of the Northwest Resistance and the Battle of Cut Knife Creek. In 2012, the museum was central to the Town of Cut Knife’s weekend-long 100th Anniversary celebrations.