Our Stories

different cultures . . . prairie neighbours 

Early Days

church window with reflection

Long distance trails, for trade and travel, for seasonal migrations, and to follow the buffalo, crisscrossed the area, as they had for millennia. Geographical features often served as trail markers since they were visible across the wide open spaces.

Neighbours Then

log cabin wall

Indigenous Peoples and European and American immigrants have lived as neighbours in our community since settlement times. Interactions between these different cultures make up the stories of our Cut Knife neighbourhood.

Neighbours Now

2019 reconciliation celebration

The partnership of Clayton McLain Memorial Museum, Little Pine First Nation, and Lucky Man Cree Nation was awarded funding from the National Indian Brotherhood Trust for “Moving Forward with Reconciliation.”

Visible History

rural municipality of cut knife grid road map

An exploration of the back roads, surprisingly more interesting than the grid may look on a map,  will uncover dozens of marked points-of-interest that include former townsites, schools, churches, general stores, and cemeteries.