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RCMP 150: The Red Serge

Tuesday, May 23, 2023: Today, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police mark their 150th year of service to Canada and Canadians. To honour this anniversary, CMMM artifacts currently on display highlight Cut Knife’s long-time connections to the RCMP and its predecessor, the North West Mounted Police. Lucille has selected items that have a direct connection to individuals who lived and worked in the Cut Knife community, which includes this beautiful jacket from the RCMP dress uniform, the Red Serge.

Red Serge jacket from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dress uniform belonging to Shirley (Meriniuk) Yurchyshyn.

Items from the Walter Kingston collection: North West Mounted Police, Saskatchewan Provincial Police, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

These 2 photos show only a sampling of the RCMP artifacts on display at the Cut Knife Library for the next few weeks. Stop by and take a closer look at the items of clothing, memorabilia, framed paintings and photos, and the RCMP Musical Ride flag.

Cut Knife Library 113 Broad Street
Tuesday 4-7pm | Thursday 6-9pm | Saturday 9am – 1pm

~ Debbie M.

Queen Elizabeth II commemorative tray 1953 coronation
McLain Family, Museum

“Coronations Past to Present”

If you visited the Cut Knife Library yesterday, then I’m guessing you’ve already taken a look at the 3 new exhibits Lucille curated on Friday.

For everyone else, here’s a sneak peak of a selection of museum artifacts connected to past Coronations:

Coronation collectibles have been hot items for as long as there have been coronations.

Tin items such as the tray and lunch bucket were purchased as treasured memories of the special event. It is notable that when the lunch bucket was no longer in use for taking lunch to school, it was still not thrown out and remained as a coronation keepsake.

China items have been popular as shown here and in the other exhibit case.

Retailers were also able to profit from the event as seen by the tin box that had Oxo Cubes when sold in 1953.

L. Bullerwell, Clayton McLain Memorial Museum
View the tray, lunch bucket, china, and Oxo Cubes tin box at the Cut Knife Library.
In this display at the Cut Knife Library, view memorabilia from the Coronations of 1911, 1937, 1953, and 2023.

Elizabeth McLain was the wife of Clayton McLain; mother of Dale, Dennis, Sharon, Sylvia, Trevor; teacher at Gallivan School and Cut Knife High School; first Curator of the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum in Cut Knife. She was the recipient of the following awards:

  • CMMM Curator for 25 years
  • Cut Knife Citizen of the Year 1993
  • Museums of Saskatchewan Honourary Lifetime Achievement Award 2000
  • Canada Medal for Golden Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Reign

Coin was created in 2002 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II reign as queen of Canada. It was presented to individuals who made outstanding and exemplary contributions to their communities or Canada as a whole.

L. Bullerwell, Clayton McLain Memorial Museum
Elizabeth McLain was recognized for her volunteer work at the CMMM with a number of awards, which are on display in this exhibit, including the ‘Canada Medal for Golden Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Reign’.

    Cut Knife Library 113 Broad Street
    Tuesday 4-7pm | Thursday 6-9pm | Saturday 9am – 1pm

    ~ Debbie M.


    ‘It’s the Small Things’

    This is a dream come true for Lucille and for many other longtime volunteers with the CMMM. The museum display cases located in the CK Library will provide a year-round public space in which we can showcase items from the many collections that spend most of their time in storage. All exhibits will be switched out as time permits. Stop in regularly to see what’s up next.

    It’s the Small Things‘ consists of 11 artifacts taken out of storage and includes the following:

    • Handcrafted Box gifted at Christmas 1905 in Traverse City, Michigan (Donor: James Wettlaufer).
    • Nine items including a 1939 Royal Visit Commemorative Pin and Silver Spoon, a Pocket Watch, Tie Clip, and Hair Pin (Donor: Hazel Robertson).
    • Feather Hair Piece worn in the 1920s (Donor: Woodward Family).

    To view the exhibit, and others on display, visit the Cut Knife Municipal Library at 113 Broad Street. Click here for Library hours.

    It’s the Small Things exhibit located towards the rear of the Library in this display case on your left. (Items not shown in this photo.)

    ~ Debbie M.

    Our Stories

    Sites Mapping Adventure

    empty cuppola on former one-room-schoolhouse
    Former one-room school house

    One of my projects for the upcoming Cut Knife Centennial Celebration in 2012 is a map and GPS locations of the one room school sites and other landmarks in the area.

    The day before yesterday, Bonnie Ramsay, Noreen Bullerwell and I went on a 200 mile journey armed with history books, maps, camera, a Garmin, and a little patience.

    We headed to Rockhaven first, such a pretty little village. From there we headed east, north, west, south, and then back north and east again. 36 sites later, interspersed with lunch paid by a nephew (who called us ‘the old girls’- not funny), a coffee stop in the Baldwinton area (because our union insists upon coffee breaks), a ‘gopher’ job for our harvesters (who mistakenly thought that we were were bringing liquid refreshments – sorry!), and a couple of encounters with dogs, we arrived back in Cut Knife, tired but satisfied with the day’s efforts. There are several more sites to finish the project off but they won’t take too long to do, if someone can tell us exactly where Madawaska school was located.

    Now I will add old photos and the new ones that I took and we will have identified these sites for those who can read a map or a GPS device.

    There were a few times when we were almost stumped but Bonnie said to look for the caragana trees and sure enough, there was the site. Most school sites had caraganas planted around the yard.

    We also had to backtrack from a northerly trail as it changed from a trail to a track through tall grass out in the Baldwinton hills.

    Great adventure!

    Will post the file on the website when I am finished.

    ~ Lucille B.

    October 2, 2011 update to this blog: Don Paziuk helped me find the Triple Lakes School site to add to our list. That was a long trek past Atton’s Lake, through the community pasture, and even further. There is only a foundation left to mark the spot. The signage was vandalized a few years ago.


    Working Towards 2012

    2012 is Cut Knife’s 100th birthday as a town. There was a settlement before 1912 but this when it became a town.

    Our museum is researching the businesses and residences along Broad Street and other older buildings in the town for a walking tour and publication to help celebrate the event.

    The committee has spent some time in the old newspapers where it is sooooo easy to become sidetracked because the information is very interesting. We will need to focus and work more quickly because time may run out when we only go through several years of papers a day!

    I have also done some research for individuals who want some genealogy information. This too is very time consuming. Would love to have the newspapers digitized. Sigh. Too much work, not enough time or hands to complete it. Anyone interested in helping?