campground snow melt


Snow is rapidly melting but the CMMM grounds remain – mostly – a squishy, muddy mess. As soon as we have access, the first order of business will be the Annual Walk-thru by the Board. This is when we take stock of what needs to be done prior to Museum Opening. In the meantime, though, the Robins are having a great time picking their way through the puddles…

Duvall house and Raymonds General Store
Access via the Cut Knife grid road has a good head start.

Gallivan School, Clayton's Van, Transportation Shed
This is the where Ovenstown used to stand. Here, it really is a giant mud puddle, as fill was only spread last fall.

station house and handcar
A different angle, but also the former site of Ovenstown. (Click for more on Ovenstown.)

Bert Martin's Cabin, Church, Exhibit Building and Raymond's Store
Raymond’s General Store, the Exhibit Building, the Church, and Bert Martin’s Cabin

Four weeks ago, the grounds looked like this. (Click here.)

~ Debbie M.

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