Queen Elizabeth II commemorative tray 1953 coronation
McLain Family, Museum

“Coronations Past to Present”

If you visited the Cut Knife Library yesterday, then I’m guessing you’ve already taken a look at the 3 new exhibits Lucille curated on Friday.

For everyone else, here’s a sneak peak of a selection of museum artifacts connected to past Coronations:

Coronation collectibles have been hot items for as long as there have been coronations.

Tin items such as the tray and lunch bucket were purchased as treasured memories of the special event. It is notable that when the lunch bucket was no longer in use for taking lunch to school, it was still not thrown out and remained as a coronation keepsake.

China items have been popular as shown here and in the other exhibit case.

Retailers were also able to profit from the event as seen by the tin box that had Oxo Cubes when sold in 1953.

L. Bullerwell, Clayton McLain Memorial Museum
View the tray, lunch bucket, china, and Oxo Cubes tin box at the Cut Knife Library.
In this display at the Cut Knife Library, view memorabilia from the Coronations of 1911, 1937, 1953, and 2023.

Elizabeth McLain was the wife of Clayton McLain; mother of Dale, Dennis, Sharon, Sylvia, Trevor; teacher at Gallivan School and Cut Knife High School; first Curator of the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum in Cut Knife. She was the recipient of the following awards:

  • CMMM Curator for 25 years
  • Cut Knife Citizen of the Year 1993
  • Museums of Saskatchewan Honourary Lifetime Achievement Award 2000
  • Canada Medal for Golden Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Reign

Coin was created in 2002 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II reign as queen of Canada. It was presented to individuals who made outstanding and exemplary contributions to their communities or Canada as a whole.

L. Bullerwell, Clayton McLain Memorial Museum
Elizabeth McLain was recognized for her volunteer work at the CMMM with a number of awards, which are on display in this exhibit, including the ‘Canada Medal for Golden Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Reign’.

    Cut Knife Library 113 Broad Street
    Tuesday 4-7pm | Thursday 6-9pm | Saturday 9am – 1pm

    ~ Debbie M.

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