113 broad street in 1914

Throwback Thursday to 2012

2012 was the year the Town of Cut Knife turned 100 years old. The anniversary was celebrated on Canada Day long weekend with a full slate of community events. The planning and preparations had been ongoing for many months and the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum and Archives had been involved with a number of them.

cut knife centennial mural
Located on the south side of Country Lanes, 201 Broad Street

The mural to commemorate the founding of the town was based upon a selection of archival photos that represented key events and people in the town’s development. The Cut Knife Town Centre exhibit was completed with a committee of volunteers who researched the successive ownership of downtown business lots. Their findings were displayed on outdoor signage adjacent to the lots during the summer of 2012. For SK Archives Week 2015, the Cut Knife Town Centre exhibit was digitized for the CMMM website.

¬ Debbie M.

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