SK Archives Week 2015


The Clayton McLain Memorial Museum and Archives will celebrate Saskatchewan Archives Week 2015 with the presentation of two online events at

At noon on Wednesday, February 4th, “The History of the Cut Knife Downtown Business District” will make its website debut. This page will feature the research put together by CMMM volunteers for the Town of Cut Knife’s Centennial celebrations in 2012.

Information was sourced from the CMMM Archives, the Highway 40 Courier, local history books and local residents with long memories. The signage was originally displayed outdoors over the 2012 summer season. By uploading these documents to our website, we are pleased to be able to contribute to Saskatchewan’s online documentary heritage.

The second event, at noon on Friday, February 6th, will introduce a Genealogy Resource page for all those working on family histories. This should be considered a work-in-progress as the addition of relevant website links will be ongoing.

Please note the Museum Administration and Archives Centre (MAAC) is closed for the winter. These are online events at:

For more information, call (306) 398-2345 or email

archives week 2015 poster
2015 Archives Week poster

~ Debbie M.

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