Cut Knife Town Centre

This exhibit features research compiled by Museum Volunteers for the Town of Cut Knife’s Centennial celebrations in 2012. Information was sourced from the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum’s Archives, the Highway 40 Courier, local history books and local residents. The signage was originally displayed outdoors over the 2012 summer season.

History of Business in the Town Centre: Tracking Occupancy

Note that there are gaps in the material presented in these documents. If you are in  possession of information that would help us eliminate the question marks or the empty spaces, please let us know.

The research team consisted of Louise Beloin, Lucille Bullerwell, Maxine Duvall, Orval Ens, Paul Finley, Jean Lawes, Dorothy MacDonald, Lorie Paziuk, Walter Pooler, Mel Sawatzky, Russell Stewart and Ed Watson. A crew of volunteers mounted the signage on display stands and placed them on, or in front of the appropriate town lots.

By uploading these documents to our website, we are pleased to be able to contribute to Saskatchewan’s online documentary heritage.