We have been encouraging residents and others to share photos, family trees and stories with us. This has resulted in some very interesting results.

I have been scanning photos this week. Some are very small (under 2 inches) but scanning at high resolutions allows enlargements and some wonderful discoveries that were not noticed in the original photo. A face of a resident long since departed is brought up with clarity – it’s such a wonderful way to keep their memory alive.
These photos inevitably add detail and, dare I say, ‘sparkle’ to the stories of the Cut Knife Community.

It is these discoveries that help motivate me to continue with the establishment and growth of our archives.

I  still have much to learn about digital storage practices to ensure this modern storage lasts for the next generations.

~ Lucille B.


Tomahawk Visitors

visiting archivists at the tomahawk

The tomahawk attracts many visitors and usually a photo. Yesterday visiting archivists were no different. However, my Blackberry’s camera does not take good photos. Yes, it really is them!

Jane Dalley (Dalley-Froggatt Heritage Conservation Services, Winnipeg) and Cameron Hart (Sask Archives and Archivists Advisor) were visiting our archives and museum.

We are very fortunate to have had both professionals here to advise us on establishing our archives so we can make our special collections more accessible to everyone.

Thanks, Jane and Cam!

~ Lucille B.


Working Towards 2012

2012 is Cut Knife’s 100th birthday as a town. There was a settlement before 1912 but this when it became a town.

Our museum is researching the businesses and residences along Broad Street and other older buildings in the town for a walking tour and publication to help celebrate the event.

The committee has spent some time in the old newspapers where it is sooooo easy to become sidetracked because the information is very interesting. We will need to focus and work more quickly because time may run out when we only go through several years of papers a day!

I have also done some research for individuals who want some genealogy information. This too is very time consuming. Would love to have the newspapers digitized. Sigh. Too much work, not enough time or hands to complete it. Anyone interested in helping?