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More than an Election: 2023 AGM

The Museum’s Annual General Meeting gives the Board an opportunity to share the past year’s activities with the community. Most of CMMM’s supporters are residents, or former residents of the Cut Knife area. The museum wouldn’t have been established 52 years ago, and wouldn’t still be here today, without the care and commitment of this community, past and present.

On Sunday, March 26 at 3pm the Museum Board will meet in the Cut Knife Community Centre. Come listen in to a review of the museum’s activities from April 2022 to the present. Maybe, you’ll be inspired to join us as a volunteer. There are so many committees to choose from: exhibits and displays, research, buildings maintenance, event planning, fundraising, community outreach…

Click VOLUNTEERS POWER THE CMMM to learn more.

2023 agm poster

1. This Report is Talking about Us
2. With or Without Makes a Difference
3. Why We Do It

~ Debbie M.

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