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This Report is Talking about Us

Saskatchewan leads the way in volunteer participation, and has for many years, with numbers consistently higher than elsewhere in Canada. Volunteers from the Town of Cut Knife, the R.M. of Cut Knife and the surrounding First Nations’ communities fundraised for years to have the World’s Largest Tomahawk and the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum established in Tomahawk Park. Since 1971, the CMMM has drawn in tourists, hosted community celebrations, provided summer employment for local teens, and been a 3-season park for the rest of us. The CMMM and Archives are volunteer-run.

In December 2022, the Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership published a report entitled “Volunteerism in Saskatchewan and the Impacts of COVID-19.” The CMMM contributed to that survey. The report concluded that volunteer participation had decreased during 2020, as expected, but had returned to pre-pandemic levels by the spring of 2022. However, the report emphasized that, in the 5 years prior to Covid-19, volunteer participation had dropped across Canada by approximately 35%.

Challenges are being experienced by the nonprofit sector across the country… with 67% reporting a shortage of new volunteers and 42% reporting that volunteers aren’t able to commit long term.

Volunteerism in Saskatchewan and the Impacts of Covid-19, Sask Nonprofit

For the CMMM, a long term volunteer commitment would be a Board Trustee who is elected for a 2 year term. The museum is governed by a set of bylaws that mandate the Board of Trustees as the governing body. The Board table handles much of the administrative decision-making for the museum and archives, and is ultimately responsible for the care and preservation of the artifacts and archival items in its possession. Also, when there’s a full complement of members, we can break out into committees and take on specific projects i.e. event planning.

The current Board has about 3 weeks to find a few more people interested in joining us as a Trustee. If you have any questions, or would like more information, see below.

1. This Report is Talking about Us
2. With or Without Makes a Difference
3. Why We Do It


Sunday, March 26 at 3pm at the Cut Knife Community Centre, 205 Orton Street. In addition to reviewing the Annual Report and Financial Report, the CMMM will be electing Board Trustees.

  • Trustee terms are 2 years
  • Meetings once a month on the 4th Monday evening

It is essential we have a full slate of Board Members so we can maintain seasonal museum operations, initiate and complete new projects, and so much more. Each person brings something different to the table including their personal skill set, their interests and experience. Without a full Board, the museum is merely existing. If you’d like to find out a bit more, visit the Volunteer page here and/or email us at

The CMMM celebrated its 50th Anniversary a few years ago. Let’s all work to insure its success for another 50 years.

~ Debbie M.

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