duvall house foyer wall scraped
Museum, Summer

Recipe for Chalk Paint

This is the chalk paint Terri mixed up that’s working such wonders in the Duvall House:


  • 1 cup flat or eggshell latex paint
  • 1/3 cup warm water
  • 1/3 cup Plaster-of-Paris


  • Stir together warm water & Plaster-of-Paris. (Add more water or plaster to thin or thicken the mixture, as needed). No lumps.
  • Pour into paint and mix thoroughly.


  • 1:3 Plaster-of-Paris to paint.
  • Keep paint stirred, with lid on when not in use.
  • Use stiff bristle brush; chalk brush recommended.
  • Scrape peeling paint and flakes prior to application; wall surface does not have to be smooth.
  • Apply paint in a circular motion; goal is to work the paint mixture into wall surface.

** Chalk paint has 101 uses. Do a Google search. You’ll be amazed…

Terri beginning scraping paint
Very poor lighting but Terri is just about to get started scraping the mint green paint that hasn’t flaked or peeled off yet.

~ Debbie M.

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