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10. The McLain Family Heirloom

On Sunday, July 17 the museum hosted “Quilt Walk”, an indoor / outdoor exhibit that included heritage quilts from the CMMM collections and more recent items created by local crafters. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we’d like to show you, over the next week or so, the beautiful handiwork we had on display.

From CMMM, 1979.H.141:

This hand-made quilt was a wedding gift from William Thomas Transou and Mary Jane Transou (Ellis) to Robert and Luna McLain in 1917. The quilt was made by Luna’s mother, Mary Jane.

mclain family heirloom quilt
Created by Mary Jane Transou


Excerpt from “Timeline of Quilting History” compiled and written by the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum:

Quilts are often made to commemorate events (i.e. weddings and births) and can incorporate pieces of fabric from used or worn-out clothing. Such quilts become historical documents for the quilt-maker and his or her loved ones.


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