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9. An Experiment with Textures

On Sunday, July 17 the museum hosted “Quilt Walk”, an indoor / outdoor exhibit that included heritage quilts from the CMMM collections and more recent items created by local crafters. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we’d like to show you, over the next week or so, the beautiful handiwork we had on display.

From Terri Paziuk:

Crafted by Terri Paziuk in 2018 from a design by Barb Perrino. Terri explained that she created this quilt to experiment with a variety of fabric textures. Difficult to see in these photos, but very interesting to view up close.

crafters label on back of quilt
Crafted by Terri Paziuk
Submitted by Terri Paziuk


Excerpt from “Timeline of Quilting History” compiled and written by the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum (all rights reserved):

  • Art quilting is a style in which the quilt may look like an impressionistic painting.
  • Photo transfers on quilts and fusible designs: With photo transfer, the actual photographs are printed on fabric with a computer. (There are some amazing quilts that show the stages of a person’s life using this method.)
  • Pictorial quilting entails making a quilt entirely of fabric that ends up looking like a photograph. People take a photo, then recreate it on fabric down to the last detail.

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