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Long Days of June

The countdown for the Cut Knife Centennial Celebration looms ever closer. I can finally see the end of our Museum’s projects. The Walking Tour Signage is being printed. The old photos have been printed and mounted on foam board. We just need captions attached. Courtney is working on the current photos.

I wish we had more candidates for summer staff. Every year is different in the hiring process. This year apparently the young people of the area do not want to work at the museum. Too bad as we have three approved Young Canada Works positions. Can anyone tell me why we are not getting applications?

Next week will be museum cleanup.

~ Lucille B.


Moga Madness 2012

A group of students came to the museum today and brought with them a willingness to do anything we needed to have done. What a gift and I took advantage of the offer!

We have over a dozen buildings and this often means that things need to be moved from one place to another. In planning exhibits, it is necessary and cost effective to use existing display cases. There is very little budgeting for ‘new’ in the small museum. Use and re-use is what we do. Our Church building is being used for a special Centennial Exhibit space this summer.

So the students and their teacher moved panels from one building to another and moved church pews out of the way.

Then furniture acquisitions were moved and outdoor picnic tables were re-located.
All in all, it was a lot of work in a short time.

I can’t thank them enough. Our young people make great volunteers for their community.

~ Lucille B.