News Clipping 1920s

news clipping from cut knife grinder paper

This is a clipping from the Cut Knife Grinder in the 1920’s. I found it amusing that Mr. Phillips decided to have such a drastic career change. From accountant/bank teller to the much more exciting village policeman, dog catcher and tax collector.

I wonder what the reporter meant when he said that he hoped Mr. Phillips wouldn’t try and catch dogs with his new car??

~ Lucille B.

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Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

Lorie & Jeanne, with the sometimes help of Louise, have been turning pages of old editions of the local newspaper. Turning, turning, turning. Searching in almost 100 years of newspapers for clues as to what business was open when and where in Cut Knife.

Sometimes it is necessary to take our questions to coffee row to have information validated by the ‘local experts’. Sometimes we have had to bring in one of these knowledgeable people to help fill in missing pieces of information. It is almost time to refine the signage and get it ready to put in place for the Centennial Celebration on June 30th.

Inevitably there will have been some information that was missed and there may have been some mistakes that are beyond our control. Yet the information gleaned will be there for others to access well beyond the Celebration this year.

Well done, ladies.

~ Lucille B.



We have been encouraging residents and others to share photos, family trees and stories with us. This has resulted in some very interesting results.

I have been scanning photos this week. Some are very small (under 2 inches) but scanning at high resolutions allows enlargements and some wonderful discoveries that were not noticed in the original photo. A face of a resident long since departed is brought up with clarity – it’s such a wonderful way to keep their memory alive.
These photos inevitably add detail and, dare I say, ‘sparkle’ to the stories of the Cut Knife Community.

It is these discoveries that help motivate me to continue with the establishment and growth of our archives.

I  still have much to learn about digital storage practices to ensure this modern storage lasts for the next generations.

~ Lucille B.


Tomahawk Visitors

visiting archivists at the tomahawk

The tomahawk attracts many visitors and usually a photo. Yesterday visiting archivists were no different. However, my Blackberry’s camera does not take good photos. Yes, it really is them!

Jane Dalley (Dalley-Froggatt Heritage Conservation Services, Winnipeg) and Cameron Hart (Sask Archives and Archivists Advisor) were visiting our archives and museum.

We are very fortunate to have had both professionals here to advise us on establishing our archives so we can make our special collections more accessible to everyone.

Thanks, Jane and Cam!

~ Lucille B.

Archives, Events, Our Stories

Museum & Archives January Update

We are working on our Archives which is now situated in the MAC (Museum Administration Center). Guess we should include that word Archives in there somewhere. MAAC? Museum Administration & Archives Center??

Right now the archival material is spread around in different buildings behind some rather high snowdrifts. No need to go looking for work though as the MAC has lot of work to keep me busy.

We have recently acquired the Parkinson Pod of photos and family history of the Warden and Parkinson families. Sandy Warden was a member of the NWMP in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Wardenville District was named after him. Sandy fought in the skirmish at Cut Knife Creek in 1885 and then was Instructor on the Poundmaker and Little Pine reserves in later years. His story is a fascinating one.

I am also beginning work on updating the storage of Clayton’s Collection. The McClain family have generously donated many items over the years that help tell the history of the area. When it is properly documented and organized, the public will have more access to these materials.

Please consider visiting the MAC on February 7 for our Archives Open House from 1 to 4 pm. There will be some archival materials for you to look through and information on what an Archives is all about. Coffee and lunch will be served.

~ Lucille B.