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Grand Opening a Success

Dozens of people visited the Grand Opening Come & Go Tea on Saturday, May 20th. The unofficial count is approximately 50; the official count hasn’t been passed along yet. The Clayton McLain Memorial Museum and Archives and the Cut Knife Library share the building at 113 Broad Street and both organizations were very pleased with the public’s response.

We gave many, many tours, and answered even more questions. Three individuals signed up to help with the construction of the padded hangers we use to preserve textiles and clothing. And, almost 30 visitors entered the Door Prize Draw.

Winner 1st Prize: Mary Ramsay

  • Where the Cut Knife Waters Flow Vol. II
  • Time Marches On Vol. II 1975-2000
  • Atton’s Lake: A Summer Meeting Place
  • Odds and Ends: Orval Ens Autobiography
  • From the Heart of a Prairie Farm Wife

Winner 2nd Prize: Mason Ramsay

  • Where the Cut Knife Waters Flow Vol. II

Winner 3rd Prize: Bonnie Ramsay

  • Where the Cut Knife Waters Flow Vol. II

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate and made the day a success!

~ Debbie M.

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