map of railways circa 1970s

Skill Testing Question…

The Clayton McLain Memorial Museum and Archives receives at least half a dozen research requests per year: someone may need a photograph for a publication, or information from a school ledger, or newspaper articles about a particular event. The types of requests are hugely varied. Most of the time we’re able to help. Other times, the relevant information just doesn’t exist in our archives.

Folks, this is one of those times.

We received a request from a researcher in Victoria, BC, who is looking into “early railway development in west Saskatchewan”, in particular the Canadian Pacific Railway’s (CPR) and the Grand Trunk Railway’s (GTR) first lines through the Cut Knife area. Information from “Where the Cut Knife Waters Flow Volume I” has already been forwarded.

This researcher is especially interested in the CPR-built line that connects the Town of Cut Knife on the CPR line to Rosemound on the GTR line. The map below shows that section.


  • When was the Cut Knife to Rosemound connector built?
  • Why was it built?
CNR refers to the former GTR rail lines, which were purchased by the Canadian National Railway.

Of course, this is a long shot.

However, if you have any information at all about the CPR’s Cut Knife to Rosemound connector, whether it’s a family story, or a book / document / photo album with a reference in it, please comment below, or email the museum at Also, we’d sure appreciate it if you passed this along to any of your railway enthusiast friends. Thank you!

~ Debbie M.

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