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Just a Peek…

Away back, in early June, you heard about this: The MAAC is moving… but not yet.

Today, Randy was patching the floor in the new building, and Jean and I were sweeping and vacuuming up the construction debris, all in preparation for the new flooring to be installed on Tuesday.

Of course, I took a few photos of Jean and Randy working. With luck, though, I also caught a few features of what’s coming to the new space.

Randy patching the floor
Randy’s plugging wood cutouts into holes in the floor. Behind him, are the CK Library’s new paint colours. They’re beautiful!

Here’s a sense of how large the main Library space is. Between Jean and the former stage will be aisles of library books AND display cases for rotating exhibits of museum artifacts and archival materials. We’re REALLY excited about that.

Along the far wall in front of Jean is the former stage, which will be transformed into the children’s corner with kid’s size furniture, etc.

Be forewarned: Moving Days for the Library and the Museum are approaching. Volunteers will be greatly appreciated.

~ Debbie M.

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