Museum, Summer

Have You Seen These Yet?

Last year, Lucille had a wonderful idea. She wanted to have ordinary photos of the Museum buildings transferred to canvas for posterity. Happily, we’ve begun that process. Visitors to the Duvall House are now able to view six canvas prints: an aerial view of the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum grounds, four heritage buildings still standing, and Ovenstown, the first building to be moved on site, now demolished.

If you haven’t been to the CMMM yet this year, Angie will be taking tours until the end of the month, and Coffee will be served at the Duvall House on Wednesday and Friday afternoons until September 2.

If you have had a chance to view these canvas prints in person, then you’ll agree that the photos below just do not do them justice.

aerial view museum grounds canvas print
Aerial view of the Museum
raymond's store canvas print
Raymond’s Store
ovenstown canvas print
station canvas print
duvall house canvas print
Duvall House
clayton's van canvas print
Clayton’s Display Van

~ Debbie M.

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