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6. The Grant Family, Wilbert District

On Sunday, July 17 the museum hosted “Quilt Walk”, an indoor / outdoor exhibit that included heritage quilts from the CMMM collections and more recent items created by local crafters. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we’d like to show you, over the next week or so, the beautiful handiwork we had on display.

From CMMM, 1998.P.102:

Ray and Florence Grant farmed in the Wilbert District before they moved to Cut Knife where they lived until they both passed away. Crafter – unknown.

grant family quilt wilbert district
Owned by the Grants, Wilbert District


Excerpt from “Timeline of Quilting History” compiled and written by the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum:

Once a pioneer family reached their destination, quilts and blankets were still needed for uses beyond bed coverings. Instead of keeping rain and wind out of the wagon, they covered windows and doors of log cabins and dugouts. There was a need for emotional sustenance as well. Putting a favourite quilt on the bed gave a woman a sense of connection with her former way of life. Something of beauty was very much needed in her barren home.


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