What’s Happening Here?

In 2020, a foundation wall on the Ovenstown building washed out due to record-setting rains. The building was subsequently demolished. Utilities to the site were relocated to the opposite side of the road, and some rough landscaping was done to make the area serviceable for the 2021 season. This year, we’re now able to complete the clean-up of the former Ovenstown site and make a few additional improvements on the grounds.

loads of top soil on the former ovenstown site
A few loads of top soil sitting on the former Ovenstown site

Five loads of top soil were delivered to the Museum on Thursday, June 30. We are sending our sincere thanks and appreciation to these generous community members: Rick Bullerwell and Veikle Agro Inc. for the soil; the R.M of Cut Knife for trucking it in, and the Town of Cut Knife for spreading it for us.

The soil will be used to finish up the Ovenstown site, top up the trenching, fill up some low spots, and add some good soil for flowers around the Duvall House. The Museum is going to shine!

topsoil and low spots to fill
One of the low-lying spots needing fill

~ Debbie M.

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