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Thank you Spring Cleaners!

When we say “volunteers power the museum,” we mean it. Yesterday’s ‘Spring Cleaning’ work bee is a really good example. One crew cleaned out and cleaned up the Transportation / Machinery shed while a second crew dusted and freshened up the Station House and Raymond’s Store.

transportation shed
To clean up the back of the shed, a few of the artifacts had to be moved out of the way.

13 people, some with trucks and trailers to haul garbage to the Transfer Station, others with buckets and dust cloths to tidy up displays, were on site for 2 – 3 hours to help ready the CMMM for its July 6 opening. There’s still some work to do but these are big items to have already checked off the list.

Many, many thanks to everyone who came out Saturday morning. You’ve lightened the load for us this year! This note from Angie, “A HUGE “Thank You” to all from me! I greatly appreciate it!” And, so does the Board.

Missing from photos Lyle C., Lucille & Rick, Debbie M.

~ Debbie M.

2 thoughts on “Thank you Spring Cleaners!”

  1. I loved this set of pics! I have not lived in Cut Knife since 1969, but I came home very summer and winter holiday to visit my dear Mom, Elizabeth McLain, and my aunts, Alene Hardy and Ruby Sleath (the legendary longevitous Auntie Ruby). I recognize Jean Lawes and Debbie Hampson, two women who also remained very important to me after Mom passed almost exactly 20 years ago on November 21. I have such respect for the CMMM and the countless board members and volunteers who began the museum over fifty years ago and kept it alive and progressive. Thanks to all.


    1. Thanks so much for your reply Trevor! The museum is very much loved by so many generations of area residents, and we continue to receive ongoing support from many community groups and successive Town and RM administrations. But, it all started with Clayton and Elizabeth McLain, and their vision. It’s wonderful to have their family check in with us!


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