Flowers – as if by Magic

At least half a dozen large super-sized flower pots are located at the museum. They sit on the station platform, on the Duvall House back steps, at the corners of various buildings. By the time September rolls around, the flowers have reached their peak and are glorious to see. What’s magic, is that these flowers are purchased and planted by volunteers and, on a day in late spring, will just appear.

For many, many years, Bob and Betty Duncan tended the museum grounds: Bob mowing the grass and Betty planting and caring for the flowers. Sadly, Betty passed away a few years ago but Bob continues to tend the lawns, for which we’re very grateful. Last year, the ladies of the Cut Knife Royal Purple surprised the museum by taking over Betty’s tradition of planting the pots. This was very much appreciated as they had to haul water to do so.

Now, this year, both the museum and the Royal Purple were surprised when, one day, the flower tubs were magically filled with bedding plants. Marion Blain, a gardener at the Community Garden is responsible. We sincerely thank her for the donation of plants and for her time. All of us look forward to watching them grow.

tub of flowers
Flowers by Marion this year
tub of flowers
Tub on the Duvall House back deck

To see what else is on the museum grounds, click here.

~ Debbie M.

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