2016 Muse-ings 

It has been a while since I blogged for the museum. The changing nature of a volunteer board means that a ‘techie’ was difficult to find. So I am back at it.

The summer of 2016 brought a few changes to the museum. We no longer are the sole residents of our Archives building. The RM of Cut Knife has moved their office back to the building taking over the front two rooms. Our Archives still are located in the back room and overflowing to the basement of the building. We are in the process of locating new premises for the Archives.

The Board is grateful for the support of the RM of Cut Knife and appreciate the years that they had the full use of the building and for the continued space the RM have granted us until other heated space can be found.

Some of our furnishings had to be moved to the Church at the museum. This meant that the Church is no longer open for touring. 

All of this has made it more difficult to continue the organization of the archives, but we are taking the time to do much needed data updates on the computer. 

This summer, there will be an inventory taken at the museum and a new modern bar code system will be implemented. The Board is updating our Acquisitions Policies to include a Collections Policy. This will make our policy much more relevant to the museum’s situation today. 

The old buildings that house our museum artefacts are deteriorating rapidly and tough decisions need to be made in order to protect our collections.

Our fundraising crew of ladies once again put on a successful Ladies Night Out late in October. This raised over $5000.

Several volunteers have been updating our records on PastPerfect to include the Cut Knife Cemetery. In doing this we will be able to provide the RM with a new up-to-date map as well as keep our community histories updated.

We are really in need of new Board Members. There are several more people who are going off the Board this year. Your help in keeping this museum operating is needed now. Please consider letting your name stand for the CMMM Board. 

~ Lucille B.

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