Hi! Pie & Coffee Thursdays

This summer we thought we’d try something different at the museum to attract more local residents to the museum on a regular basis. One of our new board members came up with the idea to host a weekly social event at the Duvall House, include pie and coffee, and have an ongoing silent auction.

It has been a great success bringing about 30 people each week to enjoy the visiting and of course, the pie.

Organizer, Gale, has enlisted the help of many pie makers in the community. Our capable summer staff have helped with the setting up, serving and cleanup each week. Two of the young staff members even made pies without being asked!

The exhibits in the museum and the sales shop has had more traffic as well. As well as locals there have been outside visitors.

It goes to show how just one new person with new ideas to try can really make a difference. 

~ Lucille B.

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