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Our Museum & Sustainability

A copy of the new MAS publication ‘Museums and Sustainability’ arrived this week and it reminded me of how much our museum re-uses and re-purposes in our exhibit designs.

For example, our Centennial Quilt Exhibit was displayed on clothing racks that were donated from a business that no longer needed them. Some quilts were displayed over church pews. Some were on office dividers which were also donated by a business.

The photography display is on panels from the local art club, old doors hinged together, and a case gifted from former residents. And you know what, it all looks pretty darn good!

That is just in one building. I could list similar items in every one of our buildings. Seldom do we throw anything away. It gets re-used if at all possible. No, we don’t have shiny new display cases, but our stories are still being told with less overhead than starting from scratch every time.

We make do with what we have or can afford which is very much like what our prairie predecessors have done for the past century.

~ Lucille B.

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