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Museum & Archives January Update

We are working on our Archives which is now situated in the MAC (Museum Administration Center). Guess we should include that word Archives in there somewhere. MAAC? Museum Administration & Archives Center??

Right now the archival material is spread around in different buildings behind some rather high snowdrifts. No need to go looking for work though as the MAC has lot of work to keep me busy.

We have recently acquired the Parkinson Pod of photos and family history of the Warden and Parkinson families. Sandy Warden was a member of the NWMP in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Wardenville District was named after him. Sandy fought in the skirmish at Cut Knife Creek in 1885 and then was Instructor on the Poundmaker and Little Pine reserves in later years. His story is a fascinating one.

I am also beginning work on updating the storage of Clayton’s Collection. The McClain family have generously donated many items over the years that help tell the history of the area. When it is properly documented and organized, the public will have more access to these materials.

Please consider visiting the MAC on February 7 for our Archives Open House from 1 to 4 pm. There will be some archival materials for you to look through and information on what an Archives is all about. Coffee and lunch will be served.

~ Lucille B.

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