Flowers – as if by Magic

At least half a dozen large super-sized flower pots are located at the museum. They sit on the station platform, on the Duvall House back steps, at the corners of various buildings. By the time September rolls around, the flowers have reached their peak and are glorious to see. What’s magic, is that these flowers are purchased and planted by volunteers and, on a day in late spring, will just appear.

For many, many years, Bob and Betty Duncan tended the museum grounds: Bob mowing the grass and Betty planting and caring for the flowers. Sadly, Betty passed away a few years ago but Bob continues to tend the lawns, for which we’re very grateful. Last year, the ladies of the Cut Knife Royal Purple surprised the museum by taking over Betty’s tradition of planting the pots. This was very much appreciated as they had to haul water to do so.

Now, this year, both the museum and the Royal Purple were surprised when, one day, the flower tubs were magically filled with bedding plants. Marion Blain, a gardener at the Community Garden is responsible. We sincerely thank her for the donation of plants and for her time. All of us look forward to watching them grow.

tub of flowers
Flowers by Marion this year
tub of flowers
Tub on the Duvall House back deck

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~ Debbie M.


The Reel Mower

Outdoor exhibits at the Museum include farm equipment, different modes of transportation, and a wide variety of tools. Pictured below is a vintage lawn mower. If you’re a person ‘of a certain age’, you may have actually used a machine similar to this one in your youth.

The first lawn mower was invented in England, in the 1830s by Edwin Beard Budding. By the 1900s, mechanized mowers powered by gasoline were on the market. Rubber tires came on the scene in the mid-1930s and, in the beginning, were an optional purchase. Gasoline and electric powered lawn mowers have been the norm since the middle of the last century and the technology for this tool continues to evolve. Now in stores are battery powered machines and, believe it or not, the reel mower is making a comeback!

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~ Debbie M.


The MAAC is moving… but not yet

If you’ve heard a rumour that the Museum Administration and Archives Centre (MAAC) will be moving to a different location, well, that rumour would be correct. The museum has long wanted a permanent year-round facility for its administration and archives but also a publicly accessible space with display cases for rotating exhibits. Our current home at 201 Railway Avenue was the former RM of Cut Knife Office. It was very kindly made available to us by the RM along with their support for the renovations we made to the building to preserve the archival materials and unique artifacts in our care.

Since last year, we’d been working with the Town of Cut Knife, the RM of Cut Knife, and the Cut Knife Library to build or to find a facility which both the Library and Museum could share. In April 2022, the Good Shepherd Church at 113 Broad Street disbanded and approached the Town with an offer to sell.

The Town approached the R.M. with the idea that the two municipal governments could partner to create a new space suitable for the Cut Knife Library, and potentially, the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum. The building is solid, with a new roof and recent upgrades. The Town and R.M. will provide assistance with any remodeling requirements that are necessary to serve the public.

New Community Building, Town of Cut Knife, April 4, 2022
On Friday, April 1, Town of Cut Knife Mayor Gwenn Kaye and R.M. of Cut Knife Reeve Brett Robertson received the keys to 113 Broad Street from Jeremy Brown, Board Chair of the Good Shepherd Church.

When are we moving in? Hopefully, as soon as the interior painting has been completed!

~ Debbie M.


Update: CK Chase the Ace Winners

In late spring of last year, the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum, the Cut Knife & District Recreation Board, and the Cut Knife Library joined together to bring the Chase the Ace lottery-style fundraiser to Cut Knife.


Tickets will go on sale for Round 3 in October 2022. Purchases can be made at local Cut Knife businesses and also by e-transfer. Visit the Cut Knife Chase the Ace Facebook page for updates.

ROUND 2: OCTOBER 2021 – MAY 2022

Cheryl Rowswell won the Jackpot on May 26, 2022. Cheryl’s winnings included $838 on the Ticket Draw & the $21,054 Jackpot for a grand total of $21, 892!

Round 2 Jackpot Winner Cheryl Rowswell


The Ace was drawn on August 5, 2021 only 9 weeks into play. Larry Thalheimer from Unity had the lucky ticket to win the Jackpot of $10,626!

round 1 chase the ace winner
Round 1 Jackpot Winner Larry Thalheimer with Mayor Gwenn Kaye

Many thanks go out to all the Cut Knife Chase the Ace supporters. That includes all the volunteers involved with organizing the ticket sales and draws; the local businesses and services that facilitate in-person purchases; the community members who buy tickets, share Facebook and blog posts, and talk-up the event to their friends, and the Lucerne Hotel for providing the venue.

~ Debbie M.