different cultures . . . prairie neighbours

First Nations and European and American immigrants have lived as neighbours in our community since settlement times. Interactions between these different cultures make up the stories of our Cut Knife neighbourhood.  Watch for them to unfold as one visits the different displays:

  • Politics, religion and individuals influence local First Nations culture
  • Cultural clashes and the 1885 Northwest Resistance
  • Firearms – a necessary part of prairie life
  • The aftermath of the 1885 Resistance
  • Early Neighbours – sharing and cooperation
  • One Room Schoolhouses – their importance and their lasting influence
  • Medical issues of early Cut Knife
  • A prairie General Store – providing more than a service
  • Religion and Churches – their influence on our past and our present
  • Changes to our prairie community with the railroad
  • Early housing
Sweet Grass Sundance 1936

War Chief Fineday, Andrew Swimmer, Sam Swimmer, John Tootoosis – Sweet Grass Sundance, 1936

Note:  Some exhibits are under construction; some are still in the planning stages.
We encourage you to take a tour to hear our plans and more of our stories!